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PKU Interest Group on Language Logic Cognition and Computation (LLCC)

Title: What does it mean to say that Syntax is a computational system? 

Speaker: David Adger, Queen Mary, University of London

Time: Nov 4th 13:30-15:30 
Room: B114, Department of Philosophy 
Host: Dr. Xuhui Hu
Abstract: In this talk I outline why generative grammar sees syntax as a computational system. I argue that this is different from the computational system used to parse sentences as it is a system of knowledge of language, not use of language. I connect this perspective to various issues to do with the memory and length of derivations, and show how there are empirical issues at stake. 
David Adger教授是英国伦敦大学玛丽王后学院语言学教授,曾任该校语言学系主任,英国语言学会主席。Adger教授的研究方向主要为句法及其界面,是生成语言学领域的中坚力量之一,在Linguistic Inquiry、Language、Journal of Linguistics等顶级语言学期刊以及论文集发表论文数十篇,在剑桥大学、牛津大学、MIT出版社出版专著四部,主编论文集四部,出版教材一部。Adger教授也致力于对大众和中学生推广语言学,在牛津大学出版社出版的著作“Language Unlimited”(牛津大学出版社2019)即是这方面的最新成果。