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【LLCC】11月6日M. Stokhof讲座:形式语义学中的直觉与能力

发布日期:2015-11-03 作者:


  目:Intuitions and Competence in Formal Semantics


  讲:Professor Martin Stokhof

Stokhof教授是世界著名逻辑学家、语言哲学家、语言学家,荷兰皇家艺术与科学院院士,阿姆斯特丹大学逻辑、语言、计算研究所(ILLC)前主任,欧盟科研理事会(ERC)理事 https://erc.europa.eu/organisation/stokhof-martin

  间:2015 11 06 日(星期五)15:00


  要:An intuitions-based methodology has been a defining characteristic of formal semantics throughout its inception up to its development into a separate discipline. And although other methodologies are increasingly being used today, it is still an important way in which formal semanticists practice their trade. In this talk we take a critical look at the core assumptions underlying the intuitions-based methodology, tracing among other things its connections with the role of the concept of competence as developed in the generative tradition. We argue that within the framework of its own assumptions an intuitions-based methodology is internally incoherent, and that therefore either one or more of these assumptions, or the reliance on intuitions, or perhaps both have to be given up. Finally we will explore the consequences of such a move for the conception of semantics as such.

发布时间:2015-11-03 20:56:42