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【LLCC】9月25日Frank Jäkel教授讲座Computation as a foundation for cognitive science

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Title: Computation as a foundation for cognitive science

Speaker: Prof. Frank Jäkel (Center for Cognitive Science, TU Darmstadt)

Date: Sept. 25th 15:10-18:00

Room: 二教519 (Teaching Building 2,519)

Abstract:  Cognitive science is the transdisciplinary science of the mind. It was founded in the belief that psychologists, neuroscientists, linguists, and philosophers could be united in their endeavor of trying to understand the human mind by embracing computation as their common foundation. They were all galvanized by early computers and the accompanying theoretical developments. In the early days of computer science artificial intelligence and cognitive science were seen as two sides of the same coin. Today, there is a lot skepticism as to whether computers can teach us anything about the human mind and many researchers look to neuroscience instead of computer science for a foundation of cognition. I will trace the history (and the early excitement) about computation in cognitive science and will try to argue that even today it is the idea of computation that ties cognitive science together across disciplines.

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