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May 21st Talks by Bo Hong and Yunsong Wang

发布日期:2024-05-17 作者:

Time: 2024/05/21 15:10-18:00

Location: Room 313, Teaching Building No.2 (第二教学楼), Peking University


Speaker 1: Bo Hong

Title: 墨辩研究

Abstract: 本次报告主要介绍王华超《墨辩研究》的部分成果。此文以对已有墨辩研究的学术史考察为基础,从十论思想体系与墨辩的比较研究入手,较为全面地考察了墨辩的思想系统,并比较深入地探讨了其中一些较为重要的哲学问题。本次报告主要介绍其中的墨子分组及相关概念、《大取》的部分内容及一些其他论题。


Speaker 2: Yunsong Wang

Title: Infinitesimal Probabilities

Abstract: In this talk, I will talk about Bayesian Epistemology and Infinitesimal Probabilities. When dealing with infinite sample spaces, we have the problem that not all the subsets are measurable. However, we do have some feeling and intuitions (although it might be wrong) about the probability there, so it seems that classical probability theory is not strong enough to express them. Hence, an approach is that we need an extension of real numbers with infinitesimally small number (superreal field) as the codomain of probability function. In this talk, I will introduce NAP Theory (non-Archimedean probabitliy theory) and its application in Bayesian Epistemology.