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May 28th Talks by Wen Tang and Qianli Ma

发布日期:2024-05-27 作者:

Time: 2024/05/28 15:10-18:00

Location: Room 313, Teaching Building No.2 (第二教学楼), Peking University


Speaker 1: Wen Tang

Title: Symbolic implementation of the best transformer

Abstract: Abstract interpretation is an improtant technique for static analysis of programs. In this talk, I will briefly introduce the basic idea of abstract interpretation and then introduce a simple process of successive approximation that makes repeated calls to a theorem prover, and obtains the best abstract value for a set of concrete stores that are represented symbolically, using a logical formula, by which we can achieve abstract interpretation algorithms that enjoy the best possible precision for a given abstraction.


Speaker 2: Qianli Ma

Title: Logic for intensional operators and non-existence