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Annual Report of PKU Center of Logic, Language, and Cognition (2023)

发布日期:2024-01-09 作者:

The 2022 report can be found here



Yifeng Ding "Modal Logics with Non-rigid Propositional Designators." Proceedings of LORI 2023. Springer. pp. 47-62.


Yifeng Ding, Jixin Liu, Yanjing Wang "Someone knows that local reasoning on hypergraphs is a weakly aggregative modal logic." Synthese 201, 46 (2023).


Yipu Li, Yanjing Wang "Epistemic Syllogistic: First Steps." in R. Verbrugge (Ed.): Proceedings of TARK 2023 EPTCS 379, 2023, pp. 392–406.


Mo Liu, Anantha Padmanabha, R Ramanujam, Yanjing Wang, "Are Bundles Good Deals for First-order Modal Logic?" Information and Computation, Volume 293, August 2023.


Rasmus Rendsvig, John Symons, Yanjing Wang "Epistemic Logic", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2023 Edition), Edward N. Zalta & Uri Nodelman (eds.), 2023.


Shengyang Zhong "Quantum Entanglement: An Analysis via the Orthogonality Relation." Foundations of Physics, 53, 75 (2023).


Zilu Wang, Yanjing Wang "Strong Permission Bundled: First Steps." Proceedings of DEON 2023.


By students only:


Bo Hong: "Knowing the Value of a Predicate." LORI 2023: 149-166.


Yuanzhe Yang: "Knowledge-wh and False Belief Sensitivity: A Logical Study" (An Extended Abstract). Proceedings of TARK 2023: 527-544.




Bokai Yao joins the team as an assistant professor.


Ongoing Research projects:


Yifeng Ding: Modal logic with propositional quantifiers and its philosophical applications (National Social Science Fund Younth project).


Yanjing Wang: Research on the decidable fragments of first-order modal logic (National Social Science Fund project 19BZX135).


Shengyang Zhong: Quantum logic research based on relational semantics (National Social Science Fund Younth project 20CZX048). 


Student Awards:


Yuanzhe Yang: Excellent Undergraduate Thesis in Beijing;

Bo Hong: Best Student Paper Award at LORI 23;

Xiaoyang Wang: Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Peking University.

Shuge Rong (Law School): Song Wenjian Scholarship on Logic


New courses:


"Logic and Puzzles" for Yuanpei College

"Introduction to Logic" at Beijing No.4 High School.

Introduction to Computability Theory (Redesigned)

Mathematical Structures (Selected topics about Possibility Semantics)


Graduation and Admission:



Masters: Dekun Zeng, Bo Hong;

PhD: Xiaoyang Wang.


Master: Yuanzhe Yang, Zilu Wang;

PhD: Yunsong Wang, Bo Hong.



Co-organized "2023 Beijing International Summer Workshop on Formal Philosophy" with Beijing Normal University on July 14-15th.


Hosted a Symposium on Learning, Causality, and Quantum Systems on July 3rd.


Hosted a "Middle School Logic Education Forum" on March 6th.


Weekly seminar series:


12月8日 报告人:俞珺华 题目: Exploring instantial operators for neighborhood structures

11月21日 报告人:应明生 题目:Quantum Hoare Logic and Its Applications

10月31日 Talk by Danielle Macbeth: Ampliative Deductive Proof in Mathematical Practice--Lessons from Kant and Frege

10月17日 Talk by Kyle Gannon: Model theory and measures

10月10日 报告人:李翰禹 题目:Climbing the Ladder of Rationality: Approaching Nash Equilibria in Bounded-Rational Multi-Agent Systems

9月26日 Talk by Hans Rott: The Dynamics of Non-belief (with Modesty)

9月26日 报告人:朱薇 题目:Towards Topic-Related Ordering for Belief Suspension: A New Framework

9月20日 Talk by Adam Bjorndahl: Knowing and Measuring

9月19日 Talk by R. Ramanujam: A Model for the Emergence of Collective Memory

9月12日 Talk by Thomas Bolander: From Dynamic Epistemic Logic to Socially Intelligent Robots

6月13日 Talk by Sujata Ghosh: A modal logic for reasoning in distributed games

5月30日 报告人:刘珂 题目:基于元胞自动机的材料微结构生成与性能调控

5月23日 报告人:朱一文 题目:从中国数学的历史经验看几个数学哲学问题

5月8日 Talk by Johan van Benthem: Modal Structures in Groups and Vector Spaces

3月28日 报告人:王迪 题目:直觉主义逻辑与程序设计语言

3月21日 Talk by Xinhe Wu : Vagueness in Parthood and Identity: Applications of Boolean-Valued Semantics

3月17日 Talk by Francesca Zaffora Blando: Pride and Probability

2月28日 报告人:燕博南 题目:逻辑与计算科学与工程--领域专用计算处理器发展前沿






12月28日,Bimodal Neighborhood Logic,逻辑沙龙,清华大学

12月22日,How to Communicate Modern Logic to a Broader Audience,华东师范大学

12月21日,Past, Present, and Future of Bundled Modalities,华东师范大学

11月19日,A Road to Independent Researcher,华南师范大学

11月16日,Logical Diving with Bundles,中山大学哲学系(珠海)

11月10日,A Bundled Approach to Deontic Logic,南开大学哲学系

10月5日,Knowing Who in Groups, CELIA-II,捷克科学院哲学研究所

9月26日,A Bundled Approach to Deontic Logic,Joint seminar of NihiL& LIRa,  University of Amsterdam

9月9日,A Bundled Approach to Deontic Logic,The 5th International Conference on Logic and Argumentation (CLAR 2023), 浙江大学


6月10日,What ChatGPT may not do? 北京智源人工智能研究院年度会议

5月13日,Professional Ethics for Professors,北京大学人事部青年骨干教师培训

5月12日,Strong Permission Bundled,中国科学院哲学研究所



7月3日,Quantum Measurement and Quantum Entanglement: From the Perspective of the Orthogonality Relation,Symposium on Learning, Causality, and Quantum System,北京大学

10月20日,Propositions Formalized in Chu Spaces,第17届全国现代逻辑研讨会,四川大学

12月17日,Preparation Processes and Tests in Physics,第17届海峡两岸暨港澳地区南北哲学论坛,北京大学


7月14日,Modal Logics with Non-rigid Propositional Designators,2023北京国际夏季形式化哲学工作坊

10月20日,Saturated Models and Ultrafilter Extension for Weakly Aggregative Modal Logic,第17届全国现代逻辑研讨会,四川大学

10月27日,Modal Logics with Non-rigid Propositional Designators,The 9th International Conference on Logic, Rationality And Interaction,山东大学



11月8日,Abstraction Principles and Size of Reality, Philosophy Symposium, 北京大学