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[PKU model theory seminar] May 27th: Slavko Moconja

发布日期:2024-05-27 作者:

Title:Weakly o-minimal types

Speaker:Slavko Moconja (University of Belgrade)

Time: 2024/05/27 14:00-15:00

Zoom room: 717 463 6082

Organizer: Kyle Gannon (BICMR)



  A complete type p(x) is weakly o-minimal (wom) if there exists a relatively definable linear order < on its locus p(C) such that every relatively definable subset of the locus is a union of finitely many <-convex parts. In the talk, I will discuss several problems concerning this notion. These include a description of all relatively definable linear orders on p(C), appropriate Monotonicity theorems for functions relatively definable on p(C), and properties of the forking-dependence relation. Joint work with Predrag Tanović.